Shen Yun Conveys Messages That Enlighten the Soul, Says Japanese Company Owner

Shen Yun Conveys Messages That Enlighten the Soul, Says Japanese Company Owner
Ehara Michiyo attended Shen Yun’s matinee at the Nagoya Congress Center, on Dec. 24, 2023. (Xiao Lei/The Epoch Times)
December 26, 2023

NAGOYA, Japan—On Christmas Eve, Shen Yun Performing Arts wrapped up its fourth consecutive performance at the Nagoya Congress Center. The audience showered the performance with high praise.

“I believe there is a Creator, and he is taking care of mankind,” said Ehara Michiyo, the owner of a health company, after seeing Shen Yun. “I was very touched. It was wonderful.”

Based in New York, Shen Yun is the world’s leading classical Chinese dance and music company. Prior to the 1949 communist takeover and its rampant spread of atheism, belief in Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism formed the basis of Chinese life. Shen Yun artists are now committed to bringing back this divinely inspired culture.

Ms. Michiyo said the whole performance was “very expressive” and “lifelike.”

It brought her deep insights and hope for the future.

“[When the curtains opened] and the gods descended from the heavens to create 5,000 years of history on earth, [it made me think that] everyone came to this world with a role and purpose to fulfill,” Ms. Machiyo said.

She said she believes Shen Yun’s music and dance can convey messages that truly enlighten a person’s soul, and that she will share her experience with friends and family.

“It’s important, the message [Shen Yun] conveys to others. You only need to see [the show] once to know how good it is,” Ms. Machiyo expressed.

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Imazu Tesuji enjoyed Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Nagoya Congress Center on Dec. 24, 2023. (NTD)

Also in the audience was Imazu Tesuji, the chairman of a maintenance company, and his wife. It was the couple’s first time experiencing Shen Yun.

“I saw a trailer on TV, and we wanted to come. Our wish came true today,” exclaimed Mr. Tesuji, who thought the show was “otherworldly and refreshing.”

For him, Shen Yun performers displayed the pure hearts that he thinks everyone should have.

“I experienced the long history of China [today,]” Mr. Tesuji expressed. “Shen Yun made me think that, to walk a righteous path in life, it is important to understand and treat others with empathy.”

Mr. Tesuji said Shen Yun not only showcased the long-lost essence of traditional Chinese culture but also the basic principles of life.

“You can understand these principles when you watch Shen Yun. I resonated deeply with the show. It was a touching and unforgettable experience that I will keep deep in my heart,” he added.

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Tomita Kiyotsuku at Shen Yun’s performance at the Nagoya Congress Center on Dec. 24, 2023. (Niu Bin/The Epoch Times)

While many Shen Yun first-timers came to the show unsure of what to expect, Tomita Kiyotsuku knew exactly what he wanted to see.

“I came here specifically to watch classical Chinese dance. What I saw was first-class, the best of the best,” he said.

Professional martial artist turned real estate agency owner Mr. Kiyotsuku started practicing karate at the age of nine. He knows exactly the kind of strength and effort that is required to pull off Shen Yun’s dances.

“I had to admire the strong torsos of the dancers. No matter how difficult the moves were, their core remained motionless. You need very strong torsos to perform those beautiful spins and other difficult dance moves,” he expressed.

“Their steps, spins, and kicks—from a martial artist’s point of view—were elegant and powerful. Their leg lifts were so beautiful and clean. If Shen Yun dancers were to do karate, they would all be high-level black belts.”

He was also impressed by how strong Shen Yun’s female dancers are. “They make those beautiful steps and leg lifts look so easy. This show really opened my eyes. Today, I saw the best of the best, first-class dance.”

Reporting by Xiao Lei, NTD, Niu Bin, and Jennifer Tseng.

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