Shen Yun Delivers Anticipation and Satisfaction

Shen Yun Delivers Anticipation and Satisfaction
David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in N.Y, on Jan. 13, 2019. (Sheng Hua/NTD)
January 13, 2019

Looking forward to the experience of Shen Yun and expressing satisfaction after the anticipation of the performance was a common theme among audience members in New York.

“We’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time and it hasn’t failed to really impress us,” Jim Colassano, Senior Vice President of the Clearing House said. “In terms of performance, the dancing, and the technology, [it was] really very, very fascinating.

“I’m always interested in history and I like the culture. The ethnicity and the dancing is beautiful,” he said. “But I think the stories are really fascinating and it’s interesting to me to hear the historical backgrounds in the different areas in China.

“For me, it really was to see pre-communist China,” Jim’s wife, Laura Colassano, said of Shen Yun Performing Arts. “Basically to see the richness, the spirituality, the dance, the culture. It just shows a very different side of China.”

“The song at the end was really beautiful,” Jim said. “The tenor, first of all his singing was excellent … but being able to scroll through the words and see the meaning behind the song was really very touching,” he said.

“Well I’m very spiritual so for me it touched my soul,” Laura added. “As an American, knowing China as communist China that it is today, to see the difference between history and now, and to see the spirituality that actually existed, and probably still exists in many places in China, is refreshing—very eye opening.”


Faith and spirituality were popular themes that were appreciated through the art-form.

“We wanted to come and see it, so we booked like two months ago, or three, when they first started the promoting,” Reine Emeish, Executive Director at Demouzy Contemporary Inc. said.

“So I couldn’t wait until today. It was like a great experience and I appreciate the presentation of a culture that I don’t know so much about.

“This was more a wholesome thing and I felt really empowered by the spirituality that’s in the performance, and there is deep metaphors over there, which I sensed and I felt, with the colors and all the symbolism there.

“Faith manifest itself in arts, so that is extremely meaningful. We all need that, you know … art as a form of faith. So this is really what I took from what I’ve seen today. The spirituality that you have to have faith in a greater being, a creator for every creation, that gives us purpose, that gives us something more in our life to look for, for a more divine purpose in life.

“I think that’s a very magnificent thing,” she said.

The performance struck a chord in the hearts of those who attended, earning deep respect and reverence.

After a Year’s Anticipation

Annette Contento and her husband AJ, both Optometrists, were overjoyed with the performance.

“]It’s] my birthday present. I wanted to come last year. We could get tickets so we’re very happy to be here this year,” Annette said. “It’s very inspirational … very touching. Especially when the gentleman was singing about heaven and it just strikes a chord.

“You’re like ‘Wow, that’s so true. We really have to stop and sit back, look around us and really appreciate everything.’

“We were learning so much, which is really important now in this world, especially today,” she said.

“It’s very very spiritual and the coordination of the dancers, the choreography was on point,” AJ said. “We’re very excited to be here and to enjoy all the magic that the show has to offer.”

NTD News, New York