Shen Yun Does a Good Job Protecting Arts and Culture, Says Artistic Director

January 1, 2023

Audience members in San Jose, California, applauded Shen Yun’s artistry and its mission to revive traditional Chinese culture after watching the performance on Dec. 31.

“When they first opened the curtains for the first time, that was like, wow, it’s just beautiful. And the fog—it was really cool,” said Marlene Calvello, sales executive at Chicago Title.

“The colors. It’s just dramatic. It’s very intense. It’s amazing to see. Just the acrobats—I love that. I love the history of it, too. So it’s really amazing,” said her husband David Calvello, a realtor.

“I thought it was beautiful, perfect. Great energy. The songs were very moving and passionate,” said Robert Johnson, a representative at Kaiser Permanente. “And the singers were very amazing. … It was just amazing. I never heard such good singing.”

Through dance and music, Shen Yun brings to life an ancient heritage that was nearly lost under the Chinese Communist Party.

“One of the things was China before communism. I thought that was very beautiful. And I thought it was very good how they want to revitalize this culture in the world, it seems like,” said Mr. Johnson.

“I think the history of China and ancient history and where it’s from, that’s what intrigues me,” said Mr. Calvello. “I think everybody should see this, especially what [Shen Yun] said, you can’t see this in China, you see it here. It’s not allowed in China, which is really, I think it’s important to see that.”

“One [feeling] of sadness at times, because of it not being able to be presented in China, and happiness because we’re able to enjoy it here,” said Fernando Mendez, a former executive.

Audience members appreciated Shen Yun showing China’s traditional culture to them.

“To bring in that kind of culture to the modern generation is what I appreciate the most because I see a similarity between Chinese and Indian folk arts because we speak of stories, you know. The ancient history, stories and spirits, and so on,” said Ranjani Avijit, artistic director of Aerodance.

“This brings back the love and the spirituality of China the way it was. Now it doesn’t seem that way, and it’s sad,” said Mr. Mendez.”

“I think it builds your faith in humanity and builds your trust,” said Mr. Johnson. “And I think it’s beautiful to be able to [see] people with kindness and compassion. And you can see it really comes across in the theater, that people are loving, kind.

“I think that folk arts are losing their place. And people are not appreciating as much because the generations are moving faster, and they have cell phones, they have modern gadgets. So they are busy doing their own chores and losing values of life,” said Ms. Avijit. “And I think Shen Yun is doing a good job by protecting that. Especially the last act that you presented. It touched my heart.”

NTD News, San Jose, California