Shen Yun ‘Enlightening’: Florida Audiences

April 13, 2023

Shen Yun graced multiple cities in Florida in early April. Audiences appreciated the beauty of the classical Chinese dance.

“Fantastic, wonderful, wonderful music,” said Alex Newman, an award-winning international journalist who saw Shen Yun in Jacksonville. “The artistic show, the dancing, it’s quite incredible.”

“The show was fantastic, just absolutely fantastic,” said Steven Strickland, a certified mediator and co-owner of Stuart & Strickland, P.A., who saw Shen Yun in St. Petersburg. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. It was enlightening and uplifting, and it was just beautiful.”

“When they opened up, it just sent shivers down my back to see all of that,” said Douglas Lunsford, the CEO of TutorWithTheBest, who saw Shen Yun in St. Petersburg.

“Oh my gosh, it was breathtaking, and just goosebumps, and tears in the eyes,” said Karen Lunsford, who is the wife of Douglas Lunsford.

“I love the orchestra,” said Dan Moore, the founder of Temple & Associates, who saw Shen Yun in St. Petersburg. “The instruments, the beauty of music and how it soothes the soul,” he added. “I think the music can set their, and calm people down to be able to do that, and to put up with the rhythmic dance that they had … It was just beautiful.”

Shen Yun aims to revive China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture and values prior to communism.

“Everywhere communism goes it destroys culture, it destroys souls, it destroys civilization. And it’s wonderful that this flame has survived, that hopefully it can be used to rekindle civilization and the great Chinese culture that Mao attempted to destroy,” Mr. Newman said.

“I think at one point, there was a mention of truthfulness, charity, hope. Those things are very valuable, not just in Chinese culture, but in all civilizations that have ever been,” said Taylor Harmon, a resident doctor at the University of Florida College of Medicine who saw Shen Yun in Orange Park. “So that was really special to see that before communism, there is a society in China, that was a parallel to the ones that we highly believe in as well.”

Theatergoers also took note of Shen Yun’s vocalist’s bel canto technique and the meaning behind the lyrics.

“It’s about really overcoming evil, and living a beautiful divine life. The beauty of the spirit, and of dance and art, and really beauty in the world, which is how we’re really supposed to enjoy life,” said dentist Jill Morris, who saw Shen Yun in St. Petersburg.

“We see [values] eroding in America, and all around the world. And to get back to core values, to the three things that they had, compassion, morals, ethics, and—to be able to see a good pattern of moral fiber, back in society,” Mr. Moore said.

“I think that the work that’s being done here is very important. It’s very important to share ideas, and to touch people all across different cultures, traditions, religions, and that maybe we’re not so different after all. So thank you so much for showing that to us. And I hope you continue your work,” Mr. Harmon said.

“Just a big thank you and appreciate the hard work to have—from the conductor to the musicians, to the artists, the dancers. They put, I can tell they’ve been putting their heart and soul into it. It’s just been very educational and rewarding. I’m so thankful and blessed that we got to come,” said Jim West, the owner of West Production, who saw Shen Yun in Orange Park.

Shen Yun plans to return to Florida in May, bringing three performances to West Palm Beach.

NTD News, Florida