Shen Yun Enthralls Newark Theatergoers: ‘Spectacular’ and ‘Artistic’

May 4, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts took to the stage for three shows in Newark, New Jersey on the last weekend in April unveiling 5,000 years of Chinese history and beauty. Audience members said they were captivated by the artistry of the performance which showcases China before communism.

“I thought it was very artistic. I love the music and the imagery. Everything was a wonderful performance. So all of it combined was wonderful,” said Scott Monti, the senior vice president of Global Sales at Stardog. “The dancing was spectacular and I love the live music and the orchestra. Everything was really, really good.”

David Gambal, the senior learning executive at Cognizant, said: “the dancing was just incredible. I mean the precision and the consistency from performer to performer. And not only that, [to be] able to draw out the emotions of all the different stories. And I loved all the different stories throughout. I thought that was fantastic.”

Traditional Chinese culture finds its roots in spirituality and belief in the divine. Shen Yun showcases these themes in its stories, touching on myths and legends, as well as the current-day persecution of faith in communist China.

“I feel that the Chinese Communist Party is maybe focusing too much on control, power and control,” said Michael Holt, a wealth strategist at the Beacon Trust. “It hurts me to see that the direction that they’re being led, some of those freedoms are being taken away. I think that this performance, because it is a demonstration of their past that people take great pride in, it’s a way to express support for the people of China.”

“Why do I think Shen Yun art has a core content, which is belief. What is your belief in the world? Why can the American audience be moved? They all have faith. No matter which religion or God you believe in, in the end they all reach the same goal. Mainland China has no faith because of well-known reasons since 1949. So I think Shen Yun is very successful in this aspect, and it also needs to be promoted to the Chinese world,” said Rong Wei, the founder of Boden Bookstore.

The company tours the world showcasing new music and dance performances each year, with the mission to revive the origins of China’s traditions, values, and culture.

Bernie Haas, the owner of Cape Publishing, said: “I think it tells you a greater story about the longevity of the culture and where the Chinese people particularly come from, and how deep it goes. And we don’t get that in America; we don’t see that. And I just find it very, very exciting, thrilling.”

Mr. Wei said:  “After 1949, it can be said that China’s traditional culture has been destroyed by the CCP and is in a dilapidated state. Although they also have some traditional cultural performances, many of them serve [communist] party culture. Therefore, Shen Yun’s art and their display of traditional culture truly demonstrate the breadth and depth of our Chinese culture. Goodness means that it conveys love, benevolence, and love for the world. It was all presented to the American audience, and everyone was moved. Beauty, what I just wanted to say is, beauty moved me to tears.”

Shen Yun will next perform at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island on May 11.

NTD News, Newark, New Jersey