Shen Yun Inspires and Touches Theatergoers in Germany

March 14, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage in Ludwigsburg, Germany, with seven full-house performances in late February. The group displayed the ancient traditions and culture of China’s 5,000-year history through dance, music, and vocals.

Audience members were enchanted. “It was beautiful. It spoke to me, made me think, it touched my heart,” said Martin Meissner, a lawyer. “I think it’s the mixture of perfection of craftsmanship and incredible imagination and the visual impact, the colors, the movements of the individual and then together in the group—it’s beautiful, perfect.”

“I am very inspired and totally speechless to see the variety of colors in the costumes. Just these traditional [designs]—mixed with long veils and traditional clothing. Incredibly inspiring,” said Philipp Lichtenfeld, an award-winning fashion designer. “Very, very beautiful outfits. Incredibly beautiful.”

“Those long sleeves, that enchanted, that feminine—that’s incredibly beautiful to look at, especially mixed with such beautiful classical Chinese dance,” he added.

For Oliver Unruh, commercial director at Eurelec, the performance was “really special.”

“We felt very good there. What’s particularly fascinating is the interaction between the media screen and the people in the foreground, so it’s a very special situation that we’ve never seen anywhere before.

Ingo Hacker, mayor of Neuhausen auf den Fildern, saw Shen Yun on Feb. 24 and said it “was a wonderful afternoon.”

“Very good. I particularly liked the beautiful, wonderful tradition and history that China has,” he said. “One could feel, sense, and hear what was coming from the heart through the voice, even though one did not understand the language.”

Shen Yun aims to revive China before communism. Mr. Hacker shared his appreciation of its mission.

“This is the only way to pass on culture, through art—and then, regardless of the language, through the music on stage, through the classical, fantastic traditional Chinese dance. It’s incredible what these young people are saying on stage, with this expressiveness, strength, and fascination.

The performance features legends from China’s ancient history, ethnic dances, and live orchestra music.

“I think that inspires people in general to experience this traditional, 5000-year-old, almost extinct culture,” said Mr. Lichtenfeld. “Not only these outfits but also the whole emotion that carries you away. … I also realized today that all these acrobatic elements actually come from the Chinese.”

“Beautiful, beautiful performance. I was completely thrilled,” said Mr. Meissner.

“So positive and we will definitely recommend this,” said Mr. Unruh.

Shen Yun is set to perform three more shows in Germany in early May.

NTD News, Ludwigsburg, Germany