Shen Yun Is ‘An Unforgettable Memory’: Industrial Designer in Bordeaux

February 9, 2024

Shen Yun is back in France for 72 shows throughout the country, starting at the Arkea Arena in Bordeaux. The wait has been long for this business manager to see the Chinese dance company perform on stage.

Nonna Fouque, a business manager said, “We were really eager to see Shen Yun because we’ve heard a lot about shows, we’ve heard a lot about the performance of the artists and the absolute beauty of the settings and the dancers, and it’s really magnificent.”

Ms. Fouque added, “It’s really something spectacular. I advise everyone if you have a chance to see this show because there aren’t enough words to express this wonder of Chinese culture, Chinese dance, and really the beauty of the music, the costumes, and the scenes that are presented.”

For designer Philippe Armand, the dancing performances of the artists have given imperishable inspiration, “I’d use the word spectacular. The aerobatics were magnificent. The music was of high quality. The colors very varied, brilliant. It was truly spectacular, an unforgettable memory.”

Ms. Fouque said, “It’s the show that brings you calm, really, it makes your eyes shining. And it’s very rare when you feel united with the artists who are on stage by their emotions, which they transmit really wonderfully well.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts displays ancient Chinese traditions inherited for five thousand years. A beautiful presentation of cultures that lived on through the centuries and a positive message to humanity, audience members said.

Mr. Armand added that he “was very moved by the message that was conveyed. I thought it was the message of human harmony with nature, with life.”

Ms. Fouque said, “I felt a lot of connection through this feeling of meditation, tranquility, and this desire to portray peace, beauty, and to put us in a spirit of gratitude for what we live here, on this earth and really to bring a lot of happiness to the people who watch this show.”

After wrapping up performances in Bordeaux on Feb. 6, Shen Yun will head to Nantes next.

NTD News, Bordeaux, France