Shen Yun Is Good for the Soul: Paris Theatergoer

April 28, 2023

China’s heritage and divine culture have been bestowed on Paris as Chinese classical dance company Shen Yun performs at the Palais des Congrès through April 30. Audience members shared a feeling of bliss, happiness, and great cultural enrichment.

“There is a peaceful pleasure and a feeling that it’s good for the soul, it’s really a sense of bliss that settles down little by little. I find that there is indeed something very strong in this show. All the themes and approaches are beautiful,” entrepreneur Stéphan Français said.

Laurent Leger, head of communication at the Ministry of Justice, was also among those watching the performance.

“Huge, it’s huge, it’s close to perfection! It is exceptional, magnificent, and something of great beauty. Looking at these colors and movements brings a kind of peaceful happiness. I had many emotions. A lot of things were happening, I felt joy,” he said.

China was once known as “The Land of the Divine,” and in ancient times, Chinese people believed their culture came from the heavens. But under communist rule, many traditions were almost lost. Shen Yun’s mission is to revive them.

Renowned Champagne house owner Catherine Taittinger said Shen Yun talks to the soul.

“This is perfection. The movements have remarkable synchronicity. Like the exchanges between the costumes and colors, it’s wonderful. There is always suspense, we are taken away by the spectacle of it all. There is a sense of spirituality that is very moving, very touching. You can feel the soul throughout. It’s a show with soul,” she said.

Shen Yun’s artists are inspired by the spirit of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization. Many audience members say Shen Yun is more than just a performance.

“I think it makes us aspire to something higher. There’s a lot of wisdom, tolerance, and openness to others—things that are sorely lacking these days,” said Didier Patin, a wealth management adviser.

“We are in communion with the dancers, and there is this benevolence that it brings. It makes you feel very comfortable and calm. I would say that we are appeased when we watch the show,” said Serge Razza, a communication adviser.

Stephanie Bourdin, a studies manager, not only truly enjoyed watching the show but resonated with its messages of peace.

“It’s really a feast for the eyes. It was very interesting from the beginning to the end. Go to see it with an open mind and ready to question the things you usually think about. There are a lot of messages of peace, and these days we really need this. This show feels good,” she said.