Shen Yun Is ‘Remarkable’ and ‘Perfectly Tuned’ Audience Member Says

February 14, 2024

Chinese dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts has begun touring France with two shows in the Arkea Arena in Bordeaux. Audience members say they were amazed by the visual feast and spiritual comfort of ancient Chinese culture.

Dominique Boucherit, a consultant said, “I found it extraordinary in terms of the technique of the movements, it’s very different from what we’re used to seeing. And it was a truly wonderful experience.”

“It’s a remarkable show, extremely well structured, you can see that these are highly skilled professionals who have achieved perfection,” said René Desvignes, a former vice president at Dassault Système. “Everything is perfectly tuned, so it’s a show of very high international quality. Congratulations to you.”

Audience members shared that they felt enriched while watching the show.

Béatrice Cheype, a salesperson in the pharmaceutical industry, said the performers had “joy, happiness and, above all, glitter in the eyes. And above all, a message of peace and of immense … a spirituality that we need right now.”

Mr. Desvignes said, “There’s great emotion for the perfection of what’s been done, and also it expresses a surpassing of oneself which is extremely interesting.”

Shen Yun Performing Art depicts scenes of beautiful realms—highlighting the connection between ancient Chinese traditions and Divine inspiration.

Mr. Boucherit said, “You feel in harmony with the dancers, singers, and musicians. It’s very inspiring, very spiritual. It’s a very special journey, you feel soothed when you leave here and you feel very enriched.”

Chantal Infanti, a former designer, said, “I’ll keep reminding myself of it, revisiting all these images for several more days to fully realize the beauty of this show. Really this grandiose beauty.”

Hervé Bozec, a business manager said, “the feeling is one of radiance, of radiance, with a discovery through the millennia of what Chinese culture is all about.”

NTD News, Bordeaux, France.