Shen Yun Is ‘World-Class,’ Says Ludwigsburg-Symphony Orchestra Chairwoman

February 26, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts is kicking off its tour of Germany this year with six performances in Ludwigsburg. Audience members on Friday night said they left the theater feeling inspired.

“Very inspiring, very graceful, world-class in terms of quality. The ballet was fantastic and the music no less,” said Andrea Keppler, the chairwoman on the Board of Directors of Heilbronn Symphony Orchestra.

“Very, very impressive. So very colorful, very athletic,” said Peter Neber, a senior manager of Mercedes-Benz Group. “So it’s really very, very beautiful.”

“A real journey through time. We liked it very much,” Dr. Andreas Kögl, owner of a dentist clinic.

“The choreography is very good. The consistency of the movements is fascinating,” said Ludger Schönecker, a department director of a multinational company.

“It’s a great mix of dancing and singing, and of course the orchestra is fantastic. The instruments in this mix, I really liked it,” said Adina Pfennigsdorf, an assistant manager for Bosch.

Mr. Kepler praised Shen Yun for its top-notch artistic level and inspiration. She said that the orchestra had been particularly impressive and set a high standard that other performers would struggle to match. “It was fantastically color-coordinated. I liked it very much,” she added. “Very harmonious. And it really showed the inspiration, these primal feelings that the people have, or the human being has, were wonderfully presented.”

“I really liked that, the orchestra,” said Nadine Bettridge, a former violinist. “We are both very musical, and that was really the top.”

“It was very emotional, and the stories were performed very beautifully by the dancers and the faces, the facial expressions, and so on,” said Pfennigsdorf. “It was really impressive all around.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts has a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture and its over 5,000-year history. Due to communist rule in today’s China, much of this culture has been lost. The show seeks to restore these traditions and bring them back to life in a way that inspires people of all backgrounds. The show’s message transcends cultural barriers and focuses instead on principles such as ethics, morality, love, and respect.

“You can tell that these values are deeply rooted. This sense of honor, [having a] good heart, helping others. Such values were transmitted,” said Pfennigsdorf. “That people are there for each other,that they support each other, and that good always wins out in the end.”

“These inner demands on the other person and on oneself in the area of ethics,morality,love and respect. That’s how I felt,” added Ms. Keppler.

“So, I can only recommend it, that people really watch it, and also see a comparison with what China was like before. So yes, highly recommended.”

Mr. Neber added that, “it’s nice when the old culture is revived—and if you can see it all the way it was before communism.”

“It’s absolutely worth seeing and you should definitely keep the time and the evening free,to take part here. We liked it very much,” added Dr. Kögl.

After six consecutive performances in Ludwigsburg starting Feb. 16, Shen Yun’s next stop in the country is Mulheim.

NTD News, Ludwigsburg, Germany