Shen Yun Leaves ‘Amazing Impression’ on Audience in Poland

March 14, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts completed three sold-out performances in Bydgoszcz, Poland, from Feb. 27–28.

“Amazing feats. It seems that the law of gravity does not work on these dancers at all,” said award winning pianist Dorota Stawarska. “It is also very interesting to combine these traditional dance techniques with modern multimedia shows.”

Bogusław Woźniak, a seasoned dance professor, marveled at the traditional Chinese dance.

“The artistry, the virtuosity, the technique, and really very, very great training,” said Woźniak. “In terms of technique, because in order to dance this way, you also have to practice for a very long time. And I have this great awareness of how much heart, love, and a tremendous amount of hours of work it took to dance this way.”

“I myself danced for almost thirty years. So for me it is a tremendous experience, to watch a dance crew, or dancers, at such a very high level. It is an amazing impression.”

“The first scene, when it came on, I was literally stunned. Very beautiful dancing, beautifully depicted Chinese culture, costumes, unusual colors—ones that I associate with this culture,” said Stawarska.

“The extraordinary precision of the orchestra, of course, and the craftsmanship both so artistic and in general when it comes to form. Also there are elements of traditional Chinese theater, traditional music, traditional instruments.”

Shen Yun tickets were a surprise from Stawarska’s husband, a symphony orchestra conductor. “We are really happy to hear traditional Chinese instruments in a modern Western symphony orchestra,” she added.

“It’s a very interesting concept to present the journey of 5,000 years in this way, with a look at what’s happening in China today and also showing a nice accent of what could be but it’s not,” said Marek Pyskło.

“Probably the most touching scene for me was in modern communist China, authorities kidnapped those people that want to follow traditions. And a person was killed for her organs. Just horrible. But the piece was beautifully portrayed, which nevertheless gets into the religious effect, that this spirituality, this goodness, is coming back,” said Robert Kurowski.

They said Shen Yun a must-see performance.

“It’s worth seeing because of, first of all, the beautiful dances, the very good level of the ballet and the artists in general, the music, the choreography, well actually all the elements,” said Kurowski.

“Also dancing Polish dances, we had a message from the different regions and from the national dances, which also spoke about freedom, spoke about democracy,” said Woźniak. “So let’s agree that we should watch performances of this type very, very much. I personally recommend them very highly.”

Shen Yun is slated to continue performing in Europe until early May, with dates scheduled in countries like France, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

NTD News, Bydgoszcz, Poland