Shen Yun Opens in Nantes to a Packed House

February 21, 2019

On Friday, Feb. 15th, in Nantes, as in most parts of France, a pleasant, early spring atmosphere brightened up the end of the week. In this historic capital of Brittany, this feeling has been reinforced by Shen Yun Performing Arts.

For nearly 3 months, tickets have been sold out, and it was in a fully packed theater that Shen Yun offered the first of three performances.

“It’s very natural, it’s very fluid, the dancers fly over this stage you get the impression that they’re flying, it’s something very moving, there’s love, there’s passion,” said André David, a project manager at FMC Technologies. “It’s beautiful. Very beautiful. Very, very beautiful. We penetrate into a country that tries to pass, artists who try to convey their feelings towards. A country, a culture, a life here it’s something wonderful and fantastic, to be able to feel it … we have the feeling that we share something with them.”

“We can feel this blending between the human, and especially with the divine, and we are talking about the Cosmos and creation,” said Jérôme de Cazanove, a consultant. “Well, I am delighted to discover a show that I absolutely did not know, and a country, a China that I did not know because we know modern day China but not this traditional China.”

“I think it, it goes beyond the civilizations, it makes the link between the civilizations. I realized that there is still a dimension of faith in supernatural things that I did not imagine in the Chinese culture and this … I am very happy that have discovered it tonight through this magnificent show,” said Patrick Baleydier Mayor of Mouzillon.

According to Shen Yun’s website, the artists believe that art is meant to uplift and inspire, and this is what drives their performers.

“It’s something quite wonderful to … Yes, it’s, but it’s very deep, it’s hard to explain like that, it is something we have inside, we receive it,” David added.

“I find that precisely in this modern society it brings a little distance,” said Jérôme de Cazanove. “It elevates us a little and brings a little serenity that we really need we can see this mix between the human and especially with the divine, we start from the cosmos and a creation. It’s pretty easy to understand.”

NTD News, Nantes, Europe