Shen Yun ‘Made Our Year’: CEO

January 11, 2022

Over the weekend, Shen Yun Performing Arts took to the stage for 20 shows in seven different cities—from California, to Texas, to Miami, to Cologne, Germany.

Moving, inspiring, and uplifting—that’s what theatergoers around the world had to say after watching Shen Yun’s 2022 program.

“It was an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Vincent Moore, a pilot from Savannah, Georgia.

In Baltimore, the cold weather didn’t stop the audience from enjoying the performance.

“It was absolutely brilliant, a great celebration of 5,000 years of tradition, a fantastic evening for everyone to enjoy,” said Ronny Nadiv, director of strategic initiatives at the BWI Business Partnership Inc.

“Perfect word for it was not only entertained, but really inspired and incredibly captivated,” said media producer Catherine Lorenze.

In Cologne, Germany, Uwe Mies, a film critic, said, “I really enjoyed the show. I’ve never seen such an interactive blend of live performance and dynamic backdrop before. It was great, and the dancers were amazing. It was beautiful.”

Audience members said they walked away feeling lighter.

“It was very moving, it was very touching and moving,” said Jim Auber from Atlanta, Georgia. “The show put me very much at ease, right. The whole show, … it was very comfortable, very, almost tranquil in a way.”

“It was a breath of fresh air, the entire performance,” said Candice O’Shea, an interior designer from Austin, Texas. “The music activates a part in your chest, like your heart, as it’s playing and as the dancers move. And you can just feel the spirituality coming from, not only the dance movement coupled with the cinematography that just blends so well.”

Shen Yun’s artists draw inspiration from China’s rich history.

The nation’s traditional culture spans thousands of years and is believed to have been inspired by the heavens.

“It’s clear that there’s a lot of divine inspiration, and it’s through the art of the dance and the music,” said Larissa Pommerand, an entrepreneur from San Francisco, California. “I think you’ll feel it in your hearts without having to think about it too much.”

“From a purely artistic standpoint, it’s absolutely gorgeous. But the importance for me, what I think is essential is the fact of adding the moral aspect with a cultural event like this. And I like the spiritual message as well, which is very, very needed,” said Julio Shiling, a writer and media commentator.

Audience members called the performance unforgettable.

“For me, [it] was something that I’ll remember for a long time,” added Auber.

“We’ll walk away from here … feeling very, very lucky. And, you know, we hope to do it again,” said Brian Truesdale, a sales executive from San Fransisco, California.

“It made our year actually. I was saying it made our evening, but it made our year,” said Mat Rybicki, from Austin, Texas.

Next on the schedule, Shen Yun is gearing up for more performances in the coming week across both the United States and Europe.