Shen Yun Performance ‘From Another World’: Audience

March 31, 2023

For over four months, Shen Yun Performing Arts has been traveling the world with a mission: to revive China’s 5,000-year culture from before communism.

Theatergoers from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Brazil have described the artists’ skills.

Business owner Micael Gautier commented from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Artistic. Outstanding. Magnificent. Having something the way that the show depicts the women and the men in the show is something that you can’t compare. It’s wonderful.”

Celine Gubser is an immunology pathology researcher in Basel, Switzerland. “It’s all beautiful and with the grace and with the costumes, it all seems really … like from another world.”

“Fantastic, fantastic, very well rehearsed, very well choreographed,” said company CEO Ricardo Lorenzo in São Paulo, Brazil. “The colors are beautiful, the scenery is wonderful. Very beautiful. Congratulations!”

In Taiwan’s capital, opera actor Zhan Jiaying was also amazed. “I really admire the artists of Shen Yun. Each of them is excellent in terms of their body rhythm and stretching.”

And in Vancouver, Canada, Renato Mosca the Consul-General of Brazil in Vancouver said: “It’s really incredible how we connect with this beauty, and with this kind of enlightenment I would say. Because when you connect with this other dimension, it’s really touching.”

In Florida, the mayor of Fort Lauderdale declared March 21 to 23 as “Shen Yun Performing Arts Week. He personally presented the award.

“It’s a beautiful art form,” said Mayor Dean Trantalis. “I love to see it, it’s revival. I am happy to see the full house tonight. So very happy to see everyone embracing this, and appreciating what you have to offer here.”

The audience celebrated Shen Yun’s revival of tradition and China’s divinely inspired culture.

“We have to embrace the new world,” said Kenny Chiu, a former member of Canada’s Parliament. “But at the same time, it shows us that we don’t have to throw it away. All the good foundation and cultures that we enjoy so much, as Shen Yun has so successfully expressed themselves.”

“Traditional values are important to many people, though we may not be vocal about it, but we still honor many of the traditional values and share a lot of the values that are expressed in the program tonight. It’s a good message to send throughout the world,” said business owner Mark Farner.

Dance teacher Huang Weiwen said: “traditional culture must be carried forward. Shen Yun is doing that in the best way possible because no one else can spread it to the world like they can. That’s really powerful.”

Many said they appreciated how Shen Yun communicated values embedded in that culture, like resilience, compassion, and faith.

“The dancing is very impressive. Incredibly precise and powerful. And the value of bravery, I would say, is also expressed over and over again and is very strongly represented,” said researcher Patrick Gubser.

Liz Gagnon, a web development manager for the Canadian government, said: “I found the piece on the persecution in China both informative and very powerful. Because it brings to life in an artistic fashion, and makes people who are not in China more aware of what happens.”

“Despite the situation in China, despite the authorities taking a different view, there’s still millions of people that see the divinity, the creation, the involvement of heaven and Earth, and the spirituality that’s very much a part of the show,” said lawyer Lawrence Greenspan.

“I felt connected to God,” said company CEO Thomas Schöni. “What I saw, I understood—where we come from, we are one with nature, with everything around us, and I think that came out very beautifully and strongly in the dances.”

In the United States, Shen Yun will travel to New York, Illinois, and other states in April, following March performances in Oregon, New Jersey, and Washington.

NTD News, New York