Shen Yun Provides New Orleans Audiences With a Glimpse Into a Time-Honored Chinese Culture

December 27, 2018

Shen Yun Performing Arts promises more than just a glimpse into China’s traditional culture. And for New Orleans audiences, it’s not until they see the performance that they appreciate its uniqueness.

“It’s spectacular. I have tried to study some of that Chinese history. And this performance brings it out a lot,” said Boatner Howell, owner of Foundation Technologies “It’s wonderful.”

“Beautiful performance,” said Kenneth Decker, owner and principal and senior executive of Excalibur International LLC. “It’s obvious that all of the dancers and the whole team has put a lot of work and to put together a wonderful performance.”

“The harmony of the way that people danced together. And the individual expressions and the subtle movements and the dramatic movements, and all the bright colors and the whole culture and the musical. It all comes together. It’s amazing to watch,” said Keith Nichols. “And the music resonates within us and you can feel the emotion that the music helps you to know when to rise up and when to feel down. I don’t even know how they do it. It’s just amazing the way they kick their leg all the way to their head or they do a flip that just ‘hmmm,’ or the way they do their sleeves or just a tiny little, ‘woo.’ It just, just blows you away. It’s like I couldn’t see myself doing any of that.”

“The body language, the movements, the hands and everything, tells the story. Some of the moves are definitely technical, they’re really high technical moves,” said Robert Nichols. “And I do like the different sounds of the music. You can tell the different instruments that are being used, different things I haven’t heard before. There’s a lot to be learned from things that … when the world was just beginning and a lot of knowledge was lost. And some it needs to be taught again, because a lot of things have gone, not the right way. And maybe some, bringing back some of the traditions of things can help heal some of the things that are going on today.”

“Well, we didn’t really know what to expect. It’s been better than what we imagined,” said Carol Howell. “And so I don’t think we can possibly tell anyone else what to expect just how good it is. You have to come and see.”

NTD News, New Orleans, Louisiana