Shen Yun Receives the Resolution of Recognition Award in San Luis Obispo

April 5, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts gave the San Luis Obispo audience a glimpse into China’s rich history on March 26 and 27 performing for two sold-out shows.

In the audience was Kathleen Goble, legislative assistant of County of San Luis Obispo Chairperson Debbie Arnold. Goble awarded Shen Yun the Resolution of Recognition for the company’s 2024 world tour.

“It is extremely well done, everything from the choreography to the dance. It’s very, very impressive, the costumes and the color. It’s fantastic. Everybody should see this show,” said Ms. Goble.

Shen Yun’s performances draw inspiration from China’s rich heritage, which is deeply rooted in spiritual values.

“The introduction and the entrance of the Divine, the explanation of God and man together and bringing them together as one, reuniting, and returning to what once was, bringing it back to where we are today,” added Ms. Goble.

“I believe there’s a higher power and I believe we should all live as if there is one,” said John Goodell, owner of John Goodell Real Estate.

The New York dance company showcases stories that span over 5,000 years using the medium of classical Chinese dance and music to revive a culture that was almost lost to communism.

“The past just seemed beautiful and more in tune with nature and humbleness and living amongst others in nature. And beauty and caring for those around you. And in the current state now, it’s not. It’s a destruction of self and those around you,” said Lauriana Fortuna, owner of Fortuna Photography.

“What I liked about the show is it made us understand what the roots of China brought to the world in a way that a lot of us don’t know that the depth of the culture was huge. And the way it was expressed then, was pure. And we can learn from the message that comes with Shen Yun, because it’s actually a universal message,” said Tyler Kasunich, a civil engineer.

Shen Yun will perform four shows at the Hollywood Dolby Theatre in California from April 5 to 7.

NTD News, San Luis Obispo, California