TV Radio Host Touched by Performance; It’s the Best

April 3, 2019

Shen Yun performed for two days at the FirstOntario Concert Hall in Hamilton, Canada between March 23 to 24.

“Come and see the show, it’s the best. I will be back, you can be sure,” said TV and radio host Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy. “It’s so incredibly well executed. There was not a beat in time that it was missed. I could see when some was coming from the divine coming down onto the dance floor and then leaving again. Perfectly, perfectly executed. I’m getting emotional feeling, it was really well done.”

“Fantastic. I’m just loving it. It’s vibrant, I’m in awe of the costumes,” said jewelry designer Robyn Kennedy.

“And I love the way the film has been introduced. The way they can go to the back then they take off,” said leadership coach and founder of JJM and Associates, Jacqueline Martin. “The way technology is used, but still preserving the most important part which is the culture, the dancers, the story they’re telling.”

Audience members were fascinated and inspired by its beauty and vibrant colors.

“Just watching all the different color combinations and it inspires you just seeing those things on a different palette,” said Charlotte King, the President of Canadian Writers Association.

“I just loved those sleeves that went flying out and I can already see where I would take those types of shapes and forms and create something from it,” added Kennedy.

What struck Lustgarten the most was the spiritual aspect of the performance, in particular, the artists’ embodiment of virtues such as compassion and kindness through the mini-drama pieces.

“They have such great value. I’m so honored to have been a part of on the receiving end,” Lustgarten said. “I almost cried actually, to be honest. The feeling of the dancers was so real. And for you to relay the story in a language called dance was so well done. Your choreographer really deserves kudos because I understood every single minute without even reading the program.”

“Their faces read the message that you’re trying to send across,” she added. “We’re definitely receiving it. The message of compassion, of honor, of spirituality, of culture, reads very strong. It’s not just in the fabric. It’s not just in the set design. It’s in the emotion of every dancer out there. Your principles are fantastic. It’s just everything works. Absolutely everything works. ”

NTD News, Hamilton, Canada.