Shen Yun Shows Faith, Hope, Love and Humanity Says Director of Research Centre

March 18, 2020

On March 15, Shen Yun successfully finished its last show in Venice, Florida.

While lockdowns have started in some parts of Florida, the audiences were glad that the Shen Yun shows went on.

“Well honestly we researched, we called before coming. We were looking forward to this event. So I’m glad it carried on,” said Miguel Nieves, a federal tax officer.

The audience felt inspired by the message conveyed through the performance.

“It’s so beautiful. I mean, it’s perfection in the art of being human,” said Louise Comeau.

Comeau is the director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre at the University of New Brunswick. She saw Shen Yun for the first time 12 years ago.

“We are divine somewhere I think. We are beautiful human beings, I wish that this message will pass on to future generations—[just] like at the end of the show.”

“It’s so elegant. Just watching the little things, their movements, how synchronized they are, it’s beautiful,” said Nieves’ son. “It tells there’s a culture there and it’s just beautiful to watch.”

“It conveys discipline, calmness, focusing. Something you can take with you, your daily lives. Maybe think a little bit of what life is about,” added Nieves.

The audience said Shen Yun shares a universal value that is important for the world, especially during the pandemic.

“Right now it’s about sharing and values. What’s important to make life, actually just a world a better place to coexist with others,” said Nieves.

“I hope that young people will keep faith, hope, and love because this is the future of our humanity,” said Comeau. ” And this is what I saw today in this show.”

NTD News, Venice, Florida