Shen Yun Shows ‘Message of Divinity’ and That ‘Communism Isn’t China’

May 1, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts hit the stage at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on April 25 for five performances through April 28. The company tours the world with a mission, to rekindle 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture and values from before communism.

“I think that there’s a lot of value in traditional culture. So I think it’s a good mission. I think it’s important for it to maintain positivity, a mission like that. Because nothing comes from negativity. Nothing positive comes from negativity,” said Kelly Roark, president of Kelly Roark PA.

“It’s a very good mission and a good impression. I think it’s a great goal. There are not many civilizations that are over 5,000 years old and still trying to keep their traditions alive. I think you’re doing a good job trying to revive it and keep it alive, and show it to the world,” said Nagi Nagalingam, a technology executive.

Barbara Dill, the director of Labor & Delivery at Jacobi Medical Center said, “the stories that were explained before each of the dances was just wonderful, to share the culture and to understand all of the things that happened before communism.

“So it’s very important for people to learn about a culture, and not just about the present, but also all of the history,” said Lauren Severini, the director of finance at a study abroad program. “I think from their passion of showing, making everybody understand the past, what China had, and what’s been destroyed. So that you can really tell that they are looking to make everybody understand how beautiful it was.”

Inspired by China’s vast history, Shen Yun tells stories of myths and legends along with true stories concerning the communist regime’s current persecution of spirituality.

“I saw that spiritual practices are being persecuted over there. Hopefully, God willing, these guys keep up the good work and make China more prosperous and more free and able to live better lives,” said Joshua Alicea, a business owner.

“The message of divinity and the idea that my daughter needs to know that communism isn’t China. And the spirit and the history survives despite the challenges,” said Robert De Block, the executive vice president of De Block Environmental Services, LLC. “In today’s day and age, the message needs to be spread. That’s why I need my daughter at 8 years old to start to understand in a small way the challenges that are faced in China, we need to understand it so she can be prepared for the future, so she can stand for liberty and divinity.”

Through the medium of classical Chinese dance, music, and storytelling Shen Yun’s performances also embrace themes of spirituality—beliefs found at the core of traditional Chinese culture.

“I guess I feel that the Creator’s always here, offering salvation in all circumstances, in a way. Like I say, if we’re able to see it, because this is just the physical form here, but the spiritual form is always present,” said Ms. Roark.

Mr. De Block said, “the spirituality aspect of it transcends religion. As long as you believe in the divine, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Christian or anything honestly. The spirituality comes through and it connects with people. It’s a way to explain to the American people and all people the value of …independence and freedom and a belief in God.”

Shen Yun will next perform at The Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut, from May 9 to 12.

NTD News, Newark, New Jersey