Shen Yun Shows the Essence of Art Says Classical Pianist

March 21, 2020

Shen Yun performed in Montpellier, southern France, with 9 performances from March 10 to 14.

Emmanuel Ferrer-Laloë is a professional classical pianist who saw Shen Yun on March 12 and was in awe of the whole production.

“Excellent, excellent! And this mixture with traditional Chinese instruments is very well done,” said Ferrer-Laloë.

“It’s marvelous! It is magical and it is extraordinary as a whole, and is precision with great finesse,” he added.

“What struck me a lot is the energy that emerges from these dances and the very contrasting character of the sequences of young girls and young men, with a lot of grace and virility at the same time,” said Josick Paoli Chadoutaud, the deputy director of the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

The audience said the performance emits peaceful energy, leaving them feeling reconnected with the divine.

“It brings calm, discipline, harmony, well-being, I think it’s very important for us,” said Nicole Damais, a real estate company owner.

“I find that it is perfect. And that it is good that there is this rapprochement with the divine and that there are beliefs still in our time.”

Ferrer-Laloë believes that Shen Yun shows the essence of art that artists should be seeking for.

“[People who haven’t seen it] they must see it. To appreciate this artistic and spiritual side at the same time. And I believe that this is the essence of art precisely. It is to transmit messages.”

“This is precisely what we should seek in art, it is to transmit a feeling of peace, a transcendental vision of the human being and what it represents,” said Ferrer-Laloë.

NTD News, Montpellier, France