Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Popular in Chiayi, Taiwan’s Woodwind Music Capital

September 26, 2017

On Sept. 23, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra arrived at Taiwan’s woodwind music capital, Chiayi, launching the fifth performance in its tour through Taiwan. The tickets were hard to find and the audience was full. Chiayi City Councilor Tsai Wenhsu described the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, saying it felt like a refreshing spring breeze.

Chiayi County Council Member Tsai Dingsan said, “When [the music] is quiet, it’s very gentle. When [the music] is in movement, it’s like how I just said, as the Chinese saying goes ‘a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses.’ I recommend everyone has the chance to see it for themselves.”

He also said, “With regard to this symphony, we should promote it more. We can use the music to influence our spirits and purify our bodies and minds.”

Chiayi City Industrial Association Honorary Chairman Huang Jennan said, “[It was] a very beautiful pairing of east and west, not only can you enjoy this kind of rousing and surging sound in modern music, but also be able to develop a nostalgic, exquisite feeling [in this music], since [Shen Yun] collects the Western and Chinese instruments together to make a beautiful combination.”

He also said, “Since the lifestyle of contemporary people is very busy and tense, giving people this kind of feast for the soul in their time away from work, is like a cleanse that allows people return to their childlike innocence of the past. Having that kind of pure conviction will release you from suffering!”

Soprano Geng Haolan sang a well known Taiwanese song ‘Plum Blossom’ in bel canto style. Many audience members were touched by her performance.

Director of Ocarina Ensemble Liu Lingling said, “I can feel she put in a lot of effort. I was very moved, and almost cried.”

The Leader of Resonance Music Ensemble in Chiayi City, Tsai Yuchen said, “In this special place, singing a song that belongs to our homeland is very meaningful.”

NTD News, Chiayi, Taiwan contributed to this report