Shen Yun Touches Elites in Japan

March 1, 2023

Shen Yun World Company wrapped up its month-long performance in Japan at the end of January, its first stop on its Asia tour. Tickets in multiple places were sold out. The performance drew over 40,000 people, including Ukraine’s ambassador to Japan, Sergiy Korsunsky.

“What we see today is really beautiful art and beautiful efforts to show to people around the globe,” said Korsunsky. “This is that China. It’s definitely a civilization which played a huge role in the history of humankind.”

“I felt as if I entered another world when the curtain opened. Me, a person on earth, saw a heavenly realm. I’m so surprised,” said Tanaka Sakuji, a former Rotary International president. He added he was very touched by the Chinese history that Shen Yun presented.

Shen Yun’s patented 3D animated backdrop caught the attention of Asaki Yumemi, former performer of Japan’s Takarazuka Revue Theater Troupe. “I thought the performer disappeared when I was watching the piece about ‘The Journey to the West.’ But he went into the 3D animated backdrop. This technique is incredible. It made me want to sit in the back to watch [the whole picture],” she said.

Former Ballerina Mori Maho said she especially liked the women’s classical dance: “The female lead has excellent body control. Moves that are hard for beginners are a piece of cake for her. And she did them so naturally.”

Company executive Nakamura Kenmei applauded the dancers’ rigorous training: “The dancers wouldn’t be able to hit such an artistic level without righteous self-discipline and training. They wouldn’t be able to be so in sync if they were selfish and self-centered. They can be so together because of their inner beauty. They have truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance in their hearts.”

Obayashi Hiroyuki, head of a hospital in Fukuoka, said Shen Yun is a throwback to the real traditional Chinese culture: “I saw the real China, the China that I’ve been imagining in my heart. This is so great, I get to learn about China’s 5,000 years of history.”

Another noted Shen Yun’s performance uplifted her mood. “I was a bit upset today actually, but I forgot about all of my troubles after watching the performance. The bad feelings were cleansed. Shen Yun is good medicine,” said Kasiba Sumi Tiyo, a Japanese music instrument instructor.

“The soft music from Shen Yun’s orchestra gives your soul a break,” said Nakamoto Tomonori, president of an engineering company. “The waves, energy, echo, and harmony from the music steeped into the audience’s body. This music has a medicinal effect.”

He added he felt energy from the performance: “The movement from every performer is—how should I describe it—a wave of energy. I felt very powerful energy.”

“The energy that came through every performer is the manifestation of the power of the divine that was there with them. Things that can be completed by an individual. As long as you believe in the divine and put your hearts together, you will become a stronger force.”

He said artists from Shen Yun shared their spiritual beliefs through their diligence. And he appreciated the performance and the message that came across.

Shen Yun world company is now on the third stop on its Asia tour—Taiwan. The troupe is expected to perform 32 shows around the island.

NTD News, Japan