Shen Yun Won the Hearts of the Audiences with 4 Full House in Baltimore

December 28, 2018

Shen Yun Performing Arts won the hearts of Baltimore audiences with full house performances on all three days it performed at the Hippodrome Theatre.

Former Maryland Assistant Attorney General William Kable, who worked for more than 50 years in the legal profession, said he was very excited to see Shen Yun artists bringing Chinese traditional culture and values, which was almost lost, back on stage.

“It was very nice. Well-done, put together, and I liked the history of China,” said Kable. “It just gave me joy to watch,”

“It was beautifully put-together, the choreography, all the vibrant colors, the dancing, the music, everything was just a perfectly executed,” said Chris Ardoin an IT manager at Top Food Company. “It was excellent.”

“It’s my first experience with such a dance and it’s phenomenal,” said Richard Ryan, project manager of NASA Goddard Space Center. “I think it’s fantastic, the variety of the different dances is something I’ll never forget.”

“It was very nice. The dancing, the music, and the color were all very entertaining and engaging,” said Robert Kanzleiter an official of Taxation Bureau Pennsylvania.

“It’s a beautiful show. It’s just a visual delight, really,” said Lois Wolford, an award-winning painting artist. “I just can’t take my eyes off the performers, and the way everything is choreographed, I mean the movements of everyone, it’s just fabulous, really.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive traditional Chinese culture through the arts, starting with the connection to the divine. According to its program book, Shen Yun performs stories from ancient legends, to those set in modern-day China. All performances display the traditional values of Chinese Culture.

Kable said he also felt that Shen Yun displayed the traditional values which are the most needed in today’s society.

“We need that. That’s what’s missing from our lives today,” Kable added. “We don’t pay attention to what happened years past, according to what we want to do now.”

“It was very enjoyable and also the values they put forth in the performances, being helpful, being honest, respectful, courteous, those things are missing a lot in our culture,” Kanzleiter added.

“It’s was very moving and very wonderful and I would highly recommend to my friends,” added Ardoin.

NTD News, Baltimore, Maryland