Shen Yun’s First Stop in Europe: ‘Enchanting’

January 4, 2023

World premier classical dance group Shen Yun Performing Arts embarked on its European tour last week, making its first stop in Germany’s capital, Berlin.

“A wealth of colors. A lot of dancing. An incomparable dynamic that I was able to hear here, and it really surprised me pleasantly,” said Patrick Hitzel, CEO of a German real estate company. His family traveled 180 miles from Hamburg to Berlin to catch the show. “It was worth it, it’s quite an enchanting performance, I must say. There was always a new radius of action, so to say. A new color was brought forth through their very interesting stories.”

Shen Yun, a New York-based performing arts group, impressed audience members with superior dance techniques and world-class music.

“The technology on stage and the dances are stunning. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” said Gunther Weiss, owner of German supermarket chain Edeka.

“I used to play music. I’ve been on stage a lot, I’ve seen a lot. But these dancers, they harmonized so exactly with each other—that was awesome. It’s something very, very special. I have never seen that before. It was very, very beautiful.”

While conveying beauty, the Shen Yun artists have another mission on stage: to revive divinity, the core essence of Chinese culture before communism.

Mr. Weiss felt the performance brought him back to a different era.

“I think there was also a message coming across. We should think more of traditions and faith than whatever people are telling us today.”

Along with Europe and Asia, Shen Yun is touring the United States simultaneously, making stops in Texas, California, Florida, and many other states.

The new season runs all the way through May.

NTD News, Berlin, Germany