Shen Yun’s New Year Performance Leaves People With Hope

January 8, 2023

The new year brought Shen Yun Performing Arts to North Charleston. Couples, families, and people of all ages, enjoyed the special event as they celebrated the start of 2023.

“We loved the performance. My mom, my daughter, and I came, and we loved it,” said Tammy Bryant, CEO of Bryant Mosaic Group.

“Oh my goodness, one of the best things I have ever seen in all of my life,” said Thayer Arredondo who runs a modeling agency.

Arredondo came to see the performance with her husband. She says the meaning behind the performance made it special.

“That just struck my heart. I felt so alone in my seat watching it, yet with the crowd that was there, just rejoicing with them.”

“Great message of hope, and great message of honesty and truth, I really enjoyed that,” said Victor Arredondo, a property manager.

Frank Iler, a North Carolina state representative, was also in the audience.

“It was excellent, the way it brought out the Divine creation and the traditions,” he said.

According to Shen Yun, the tour’s performances are dedicated to sharing China’s authentic, traditional culture—from before communism. The show presents mythical heroes, legends, and stories of wisdom, from China’s 5,000 years of history.

And some theater-goers say that’s exactly what brought them to the show.

“It was a beautiful message, and I just pray for the people of China that are still stuck in a communist country,” said Molly Finn a designer.

“And this type of program, if it goes all around the world, will convey a message that is greater than communism,” said Dr. Cary Fechter, a physician of Palmetto Pulmonary and Critical Care.

Some audience members say they left the theater with a feeling of hope.

“Please, please come see it, so that you can be filled with hope,” said Mrs. Arredondo.

“I enjoyed it thoroughly, yes, it touched my heart,” added Mr. Arredondo.

In its most wide-ranging tour yet, Shen Yun is performing in 180 cities, across 5 continents this season.

NTD News, North Charleston, South Carolina