Stockholm Politician Says Shen Yun Is Needed ‘In Society to Steer People in the Right Direction’

April 11, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts hit the stage at the Cirkus Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, from March 27 to March 30, taking theatergoers on a journey through China’s rich heritage. Audience members said they were captivated by Shen Yun’s display of 5,000 years of culture brought to life.

“They are obviously very talented dancers and musicians. I have to say it’s still very exciting to see all this Chinese history and the culture that you don’t come into contact with much else,” said Joar Forssell, a member of parliament.

“It’s the combination of all the colors and the rich culture. I’m familiar with Chinese culture and the story of the Monkey King from various readings. Seeing it brought to life on stage was extraordinary,” said Nima Gholam Ali Pour, a member of parliament.

“The performance was beautiful and moved me more than I anticipated. … I believe I may have previously underestimated the significance of cultural heritage and its impact on the soul of a people,” said Amanda Henriksson, an associate lawyer.

“It is an incredibly beautiful performance. It is a fantastic combination of extremely fine dance with both high technique and beautiful artistic expression,” said Sandra Kaznova, partner at Hammarskiöld.

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive traditional Chinese culture and moral values that are deeply rooted in spirituality. In modern day China, the Chinese communist party views these ideals as a threat, meaning Shen Yun is unable to perform in China.

Mr. Pour added, “It’s appalling. Such an incredible performance being censored, why would that be? It highlights the severe limitations on freedom of speech in China and its dictatorial regime. It’s horrifying.”

“I think it’s a terrible value-over when people are not allowed to have their own beliefs and express what they want. … I wish the Chinese people could do it in a different way, of course,” said Ms. Kaznova.

“One such thing is that the Chinese regime, the dictatorship, persecutes people and tries to get people here in Sweden. … You make people afraid to express themselves, whether it’s religious or about political views or whatever it may be. … It is clear that it is something that affects people here in Sweden as well. It is a very important message,” said Mr. Forssell.

Mr. Pour said he found Shen Yun to be an “impressive show” that is needed “in society to steer people in the right direction. It’s relevant because we need more moral guidelines in society to steer people in the right direction. Even if we live in a secular society, we can embrace other perspectives and viewpoints that are somewhat religious.”

Shen Yun will next perform at the Concert Hall in Aarhus, Denmark on April 8 and April 9.

From NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden