Taiwanese Professor Says Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Can Rejuvenate the Spirit

September 24, 2018

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performed at Zhongshan Hall in Taipei, on Wednesday, Sept. 19, thrilling the audience, who brought the orchestra back onstage for three encores with standing ovations.

“I think it is really remarkable,” said Emmy Chen, music professor at National Taipei University of Education and Shih Chien University. “Shen Yun is the top. I feel that there’s great tacit agreement among members of the orchestra. It is very creative to combine the essence of Western classical music with the Oriental culture in Shen Yun’s original compositions.”

“I taught many classes today, but I feel refreshed physically and mentally after listening to Shen Yun music,” she added.

She said Shen Yun communicated to her soul with the music.

“Shen Yun can rectify the human heart,” she said. “I feel that Shen Yun’s music is a harmonious combination of humanity and Mother Nature.”

Lin Koming, Principal of Taitung Puyuma National Elementary School, came to the show with students. He said, one of the highlights of the encore performance was hearing “Green Mountain,” an all-original composition that is based on a folk melody of people indigenous to Taiwan.

“I was surprised that these musicians from all around the world performed this song as their encore performance. Our students were very happy, they were touched, stunned.”

NTD News, Taipei, Taiwan