Traditional Culture in Shen Yun Impresses Paris Audience

January 18, 2019

From grand, historic buildings to humble street corners, Paris is a city picturesque to the last detail. Since the 17th century, it has been one of Europe’s major centers of commerce, fashion, and the arts.

Audience members who watched Shen Yun Performing Arts on opening night Jan. 16, and said the elements they saw rang with the soul of China.

“So very surprised. I didn’t know what to expect,” said Laurent Giraudel, COO at Natixis Investment Managers. “Beautiful choreographies, very nice scenery with the video behind it. And synchronization of everyone that is absolutely wonderful. And beautiful colors and very well-crafted costumes.”

“I saw angels. I felt the presence of the angels who were transmitting the culture,” said Leo Carruthers, an emeritus professor of Paris-Sorbonne University. “That doesn’t surprise me, because in many cultures, we find the idea that culture, language, and arts, come from heaven. And that’s because it speaks to something that’s inside of man. It’s his spiritual part.”

“The sets are very well done, we have the feeling that the characters come from heaven in fact,” said Odile Neuviale, a marketing director of L’Oréal. “And we understand very well the link between all art and the divine. That’s right. It feels like we were in another world, that it’s going to be hard to get out of here. And I think we’re going to keep this dream in our minds for a very, very long time, that’s it.”

“I am touched by this, a lot,” Carruthers added. “I think they are right. It is certainly a very good thing to introduce the whole world to ancient China, traditional China, and what still exists of this culture that is a little hidden, that we do not know very well in the West. But it’s great to know that it still exists.”

“So it’s quite an accomplishment, that’s it, it’s both harmonious and pleasant to see,” said Michel Dupuis, president at Cojemial Conseils. “Full of color and full of joy, so it’s very beautiful, and really it traces back, we can see the ancient history of the millenniums of Chinese culture.”

NTD News, Paris, France