TV Actor and Host Moved to Tears by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

September 27, 2018

“It brings tears to my eyes because it’s just so well performed,” said Tien Wen Chung, a retired Taiwanese TV actor and host. “We should carry the good deeds forward.”

As a retired Taiwanese TV actor and host, Tien Wen Chung takes pride in Taiwanese culture and was excited when he saw Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra showcase it. He said the skill and control of the artists, combined with every note at the beginning and the end of each piece, was incredibly moving.

“I have been watching since the very beginning. My eyes were glued. I enjoyed every single part and every section of the orchestra, it’s just extremely stunning to watch,” said Tien Wen Chung. “Everyone in the orchestra is at the top of their skills, their commitment to music is very, very deep, especially the conductor Milen Nachev, he is fabulous.”

“They’re so powerful. I think the conductor is the soul of the orchestra,” said Ou Li Fei, a harp artist. “Everyone is so close to the heart, everyone is playing the same movement. For a musician, I think the most touching part is the resonance of the soul.”

Chen Shun Sheng, honorary vice president of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, also enjoyed the performance with Chen Shui-bian, the former president of Taiwan, at Kaohsiung Cultural Center on Sept. 17.

“Shen Yun is unexpectedly good. Very touching,” said Chen Shun Sheng. “This is a rare opportunity to witness such a performance because Shen Yun integrates Chinese and Western music instruments in an orchestra. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

NTD News, Kaohsiung, Taiwan