Utah Public Officials Thankful and Impressed With Shen Yun

March 2, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY—Public officials in Utah offered their proclamations and enjoyed seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts at the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. Shen Yun had 6 performances from Feb. 21 to 25.

“It is magnificent. It’s inspiring, and enlightening, and deeply touching,” said Utah state Representative Quinn Kotter, who presented his proclamation for Shen Yun.

The New York-based Shen Yun showcases a China before communism. Some of the dance stories shed light on the persecution happening in China over freedom of belief.

Utah state Representative Kay Christofferson also presented a proclamation.

“It’s not the people of China that we have concerns about it’s the Chinese Communist Party, that is causing all this problem and it helps us in this performance to understand the reality of how bad that can be,” Rep. Christofferson said.

“Just their costumes. They’re so vibrant and colorful. But, also there’s meaning behind each dance, and that’s what I love about it,” said Michael Kourianos, the mayor of Price.

“Perfection. You could see the effort put in and the stamina that they have,” said Kort Woeller, a systems engineer with Space Dynamics Laboratory.

“It’s very beautiful,” said his wife, Mandy Woeller.

“It was beautiful. I mean they’re so disciplined. I couldn’t sit still, myself but they were so good at every motion they did,” said Vaughn Bangerter, director at HealthEquity.

Larry Cox, CPA and owner of Larry Cox & Associates watched the performance with his wife.

“If we go back to the basics and back to our foundations that’s where we find the values that we need for our society,” Rachel Cox said.

“You know, I think it’s important that we know who we are, and where we came from because that’s part of our culture and our identity of who we are,” Mr. Cox said.

Utah theatergoers also appreciated a connection with the performance.

“I think the cause is the cause of humanity that resides in all of us. Love, honor, human kindness, and if we let go of judgment we all have the same thread of love,” said Diane Albrechtsen, a realtor.

Mrs. Albrechtsen saw the performance with her children and husband.

“The talent of course is spectacular, off-the-charts amazing but maybe even more than that is what I felt when I sit there and got the message and felt the feelings that I was feeling— was just incredible,” said Ken Albrechtsen, sector manager at Northrop Grumman.

“I was just impressed. I was surprised. I was impressed by the spiritual side and the emphasis on culture, and values, and family and other things that we all resonate with things that bind us as civilization and things that are divine as well,” Rep. Christofferson said.

“I’m just so thankful for what you’re doing [Shen Yun]. Thank you. You’re always welcome in Utah. Thank you for coming to Utah,” Rep. Kotter said.

NTD News, Salt Lake City, Utah