‘Very Uplifting and Enlightening’ Shen Yun in Calgary, Canada

March 16, 2023

Shen Yun took the stage for four performances in Calgary, Canada from March 10 to 12. Audiences said they felt enlightened.

“Oh, it was just beautiful,” said Jane Dutton, the former co-owner of A-1 Signs. “And I think the thing that caught me the most was the color. I mean, the dancing was absolutely phenomenal, and the costumes were just fabulous. But the color that just brought it all together was really, really special.”

“It’s surprising, like it’s a very unique type of performing art,” said Author Claudia Cattaneo, who is also an award-winning journalist. “I love the fact that every dance has a message, right, which is really what the best art is about. It’s about messages.”

“Very uplifting and enlightening,” said Bernadette Geronazzo, the executive director of Fabbrici Foundation. “What impressed me the most was the level of talent, the exquisite level of artistry and strength, as well as their ability to convey very touching stories through dance and music.”

Shen Yun showcases classical Chinese dance coupled with a live orchestra and an animated backdrop. Audiences were impressed by the skills of the artists.

“I think the dances are very, very powerful. I love the male dancers a lot, because they’re both very graceful, but at the same time, so strong and so expressive,” Ms. Cattaneo said.

“I think the synchronicity of it was amazing, that they’re all like exactly the same at exactly the same time, like the practice that must go into that is incredible,” said Wendy Patridge, an award-winning costume designer. She designed costumes for movies and TV shows.

The performance also shines a light on modern-day issues in China.

“I was quite moved with the story depicting modern-day China. This story, I think, is very important, and how courageous and also wonderful for Shen Yun to tell it in such an artistic and compassionate way,” Ms. Geronazzo said.

Some said there is spiritual presence throughout the performance and added that the values are universal.

“Anybody who comes would get a lot out of it. I mean, intellectually and creatively. It’s a beautiful artistic show,” Ms. Dutton said.

“As we enter this time in our history on Earth, the sense of the Divine coming to provide hope, and a sense of renewal, I think is one that we all need to hold on to. And so for Shen Yun to deliver this message, and to make it very vocal, I think was a beautiful, beautiful gesture for all of us,” Ms. Geronazzo said. “To all of the artists and the musicians, we thank you very much for all of your dedication and for bringing such a wonderful production to Calgary.”

Shen Yun is now performing in Edmonton, Canada, and has five more Canadian cities on the tour this year, including Toronto.

NTD News, Calgary, Canada