Violinist Impressed With Shen Yun’s High Level of Professionalism

April 9, 2019

Yuri Zaidenberg has performed all over the world as a concert soloist, in chamber ensembles, and as concertmaster in various orchestras, and has also maintained teaching career over the decades, now teaching at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music.

He watched Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, on March 30, and said he was filled with excitement.

“It was amazing. I still can’t calm down. It’s really great performance, and really high-level professionally, really high level,” said Zaidenberg. “And I enjoyed so much, because it’s so much colorful, so much changing with the stage and with the movie coming to the stage and back, and this is just something new to me.”

“As a professional musician, so I listen of course [to] orchestra,” said Zaidenberg. “The orchestra is supporting all dancers. I think orchestra pretty high level, in spite [of] what I seen, it’s all young people there sitting. I’ve seen specially. And they have very good ensemble, they following conductor excellent. Erhu performance, it was just great. I love so much.”

China was once known as the Divine Land. In the past several decades, much of China’s history and spirit was destroyed after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power.

According to its program book, Shen Yun depicts several pieces with modern-day stories, which portray themes like spiritual devotion, the benevolence of gods, and the retribution of good and evil. Zaidenberg said it brought a smile to his face to witness the level of art brought forth by 5,000 years of civilization in China.

“You know this is very serious things, because I am from the same country, from Russia,” he said. “So I know how it was real. It’s feel like brothers understand what the communistic pressure was for people, and how people died from this and how they recover. So just common things. But everytime positive.”

“The whole show is very … I never was in this kind of show, in spite I’ve seen like real China life when I was there. So it’s kind of, in my opinion, it’s a bit kind of have to say it was a great smile and everything like great, but it’s very past. It’s 5,000 years ago, it means the level of culture pretty high. Generally. Very high. Up to now,” he added.

Katherine Feng, NTD News, Vancouver