Well-Known Guitarist: Shen Yun, ‘Not to Be Missed’

March 15, 2020

For more than 10 years, Shen Yun has been performing at Lincoln Center in New York City, and it has left many audiences an unforgettable experience.

“If they want to know something about China, this [Shen Yun] is the history and the culture of the country,” said Alejandro Garro, who is an Adjunct Professor of Law from Columbia University.

Garro saw Shen Yun with his wife at Lincoln Center on March 11 and shared his appreciation for the performers.

“We can see that they are working very hard,” Garro said. “Their performance shows that they have a lot of effort and a lot of talent too.”

“They show compassion, love, respect, which I think is very nice,” he added.

“They’re amazing. The performance is absolutely beautiful,” said Elyse Dussia, the senior medical director of BGB Group.

“They’re so in sync with one another and every single dance, it’s just beautiful.”

John Sebastian, a well-known American songwriter and guitarist, saw Shen Yun at Lincoln Center on March 8.

“Remarkable dancing, remarkable colors, and remarkable music,” said Sebastian, who is known as a founder of ‘The lovin’ Spoonful’ rock band from the 60s.

As a musician himself, he was especially attracted by Shen Yun’s live orchestra.

“I really enjoy—because I was close—being able to see some of the Eastern instruments that I’m not familiar with,” he added.

The performance left the audience with an unforgettable experience.

“So stunning, the athleticism of the performers is completely unreal,” added Charlotte Segall, an award-winning painter.

“They are so much on the same timing, and so much grace and poise, and also the colors, so vivid.”

“Every scene, almost every scene is the saturation of colors that contrast each other, and the backgrounds are made to sort of amplifying that,” She added. “It just makes you feel good, just to see the image of it all unfold.”

“It’s remarkable,” said Sebastian. “If you haven’t seen it, it’s not to be missed.”

“Come see it as soon as possible,” added Dussia.

NTD News, New York City