Trevor Loudon Visits San Francisco to Discuss Communism in America

On the rainy Wednesday night of Feb. 13, Trevor Loudon, an author and public speaker from New Zealand, attended a dinner hosted by Republican Women of San Francisco, Federated to talk about communism’s threat to America.

From Clinton to illegal immigration and the Rainbow Coalition, Loudon spoke about how various groups and Democrats are currently following a communist agenda that will eventually lead to the fall of communist-free America. In order to stop this looming threat, people need to wake up and realize what is going on, and Republicans voters have to step up and cast their votes for the 2020 election.

NTD Photo
Trevor Loudon speaks to members of the Republican Women of San Francisco at the St. Francis Yacht Club, on Feb. 13, 2019. (Ilene Eng/The Epoch Times)

Americans are generally against communism, yet why are there still communist elements in the United States?

According to Loudon, when people thought communism collapsed in 1991, everyone’s attention was focused on the Muslim terrorists. Communists disguised themselves as McCarthyists and no one was socially allowed to describe a communist as a communist.

“They ridicule you if you do it, so even most law enforcement officials just put their attention on the Muslim radicals and don’t really focus on the communists,” said Loudon.

He described the current situation with an analogy.

“If you’ve got cancer, and you cut out 60 percent of that cancer out of your body and then you stop treatment for ten years, what’s going to happen to the rest of it? It’s going to metastasize all through your body. So we cut out 60 percent of communism when the Soviet Union collapsed. Then we forgot about it; we thought we had won the battle. And so we stopped treatment and now it’s everywhere. It’s all through us,” he said.

Some groups he listed that are controlled by communists are Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, San Francisco politics, the Democratic Party, even some parts of the Republican Party.

How is it a threat? He defined the difference between socialism and communism.

“Socialism is just a stage. It’s like Stage Three cancer and Stage Four cancer. Stage Three is socialism and Stage Four is communism,” said Loudon. “Socialism is when the government takes control of the majority of the wealth and resources in the community. And it may redistribute some of them, but most of it, [it] keeps for itself. And so communism is just when that is gone to its maximum extreme.”

He rates the United States at Stage two and a half and California at three and a half.

In San Francisco, the Chinese communist government has a lot of influence by controlling many groups in the city.

“San Francisco used to have a very strong pro-Taiwanese community,” said Loudon. “But that’s been pretty much driven out of the city by the communist elements.”

NTD Photo
Loudon held a book signing session after his speech, on Feb. 13, 2019. (Ilene Eng/The Epoch Times)

One of the key points he wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is voting in the 2020 election.

“I wanted the people in this room to understand how important they are, how the role of California can plan those elections,” said Loudon. “If we [Republicans] lose this election, and the socialists take power, that would destroy the economy, take away gun rights, and destroy the freedoms of America to the point they may never ever get them back.”

He said if the forces of freedom win, taxes can decrease and the government can stay out of business, religion, and education. In its place, the Constitution and liberty will be restored.

“We loved everything Trevor had to say. It’s very scary, but it’s things we need to know,” said Joan Leone, president of Republican Women of San Francisco.

“If you look at the 45 declared goals of communism that were read into the, I think it was the House of Representatives or Congress in 1963, most of those communist goals to take over our country have been attained. Like taking over the universities, the media, the school publications … destroying the family unit … there’s just so many things to list,” said Judi Land, a registered nurse and member of the organization.

After listening to Loudon, she realized there are even more Democrats involved with the communist agenda.

She said many young people nowadays do not truly understand what communism means because the government controls the current education system.

She brought up Charlotte Thomson, author of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” who used to work for the Department of Education.

“She saw the plans to change the country through the children and the students and training them to be more socialist-communist, which we’re seeing now with most of our young. And to make it so the children in schools would look up to the government, and take away the power that parents have over their children.”

The organization only has dinner meetings that invite speakers to talk about issues with its members. Its goal is to educate the public and elect more Republican leaders.

“One thing I really want to do, is mount a campaign in the next election cycle,” said Loudon. “President Trump do two things: remove us from the United Nations, totally, and abolish the Department of Education once in for all. So people in Idaho and California can educate their children and their own values. Imagine what that would do to our country, folks.”

“I think that there are a lot of conservatives but they may not really know that they’re conservatives,” said Land. They may not know … that they really, truly, love our country and the way it is in our freedoms. They don’t understand because they really haven’t been involved.”