What’s the Key US Error in Afghanistan Now and in History? Feat. US Marine Colonel (Ret.) Grant Newsham

This isn’t the first time that retired U.S. Marine Colonel and U.S. diplomat to the Asia Pacific, Grant Newsham, has seen America caught in a crisis like what’s unfolding in Afghanistan.

It’s reminiscent of the fall of South Vietnam in 1975, when the Viet Cong capitalized on the withdrawal of U.S. contractors and other support for the anti-communist south.

“That was a huge boost for the North Vietnamese in South Vietnam’s case. And for the Taliban, they see the Americans are on the way out, and the end is pretty much predictable.”

The aftershock of what’s happened won’t be limited to Afghanistan, he says.

“Whenever America looks dazed, confused … or looks weak, it gives a certain type of regime an opportunity.”

“​​The people that run…the U.S. military, the government, the Biden administration, I hope they’ve got their wits about them, because something’s coming.”

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