Woman Kicked Off JetBlue for Yelling the Plane Will “Crash”

By Zusmee Byamba

On Tuesday night, an international flight had to change direction and stop at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to remove a yelling passenger.

The JetBlue flight was on its way to New York City from the Dominican Republic when a woman started shouting that everyone was in danger of a crash, warning that they are all “in the water,” Fox News reports.

A cell phone video footage was taken by another passenger, showing a woman with a black tank top being escorted off by a Federal Air Marshal as she screamed and laughed.

“You don’t believe me! It’s gonna crash!” the woman yelled. “You guys, believe me, it’s gonna crash! Look at your monitors! We’re in the water!”

The news outlet reports that the woman was taken for a mental health evaluation.

Video footage of the woman on Instagram has been removed.

Earlier this year, JetBlue kicked off another woman after she threw a tantrum over being sat next to a 3-year-old.

The woman, who was later identified as 32-year-old Valerie Gonzalez, was yelling that she did not want to sit next to a child because she had been drinking all day, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The situation got even worse when she asked another passenger whether they could change seats, Fox 10 reports. When the other passengers refused to move, Gonzalez reportedly started cursing.

Fortunately, the incident happened before the JetBlue flight’s departure to Las Vegas and the flight crew ordered her to get off the plane.

According to Business Insider, the most common reasons people get kicked off flights include being visibly intoxicated or sick.

“Because we don’t need you to get up to 35,000 feet and get crazy on us,” flight attendant Annette Long told Business Insider.

Threatening or getting physical with crew members and other passengers is also considered a serious violation, according to the source.

“If you cuss at a flight attendant, it’s immediately considered a threat,” Long told Business Insider. “If you got physical, depending on what the act was, how it happened, and who it happened to, that might divert the plane,” she added.

Ultimately, it is up to the pilot whether or not the flight needs to make an emergency landing to boot a passenger, according to Travel and Leisure, while flight attendants mostly make sure passengers are calm and safe.