Andy Ngo on Everything You Should Know About Antifa

How much do you know about Antifa? You likely know it’s short for “anti-fascist,” but who are Antifa and what exactly do they want? Some describe Antifa as “an ideology, not an organization.” Or at best, a loose network of anti-racists, some of whom are violent. By contrast, last May, when deadly riots first broke across the country, in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody, then Attorney General William Barr said Antifa instigated that violence—and called it “domestic terrorism.” Former President Trump also called for Antifa to be designated a domestic terrorist group.

There’s one very brave journalist who’s reported up-close on the activities of Antifa for about five years. He’s gone undercover into Antifa occupied zones; and he was beaten almost to death by Antifa members. And now, he’s written probably the most authoritative book on the subject, which answers a lot of questions about what Antifa is and what it’s goals are.