China in Focus (Aug. 5): Another Infectious Virus Spreads, Kills 7
China in FocusNTD Newsroom

Another contagious virus has been spreading in China since April or before, killing seven people. Among the symptoms are a fever and cough. The fatality rate is over 10 percent.

A woman was blown down from her 11th-floor apartment. The window of her balcony was ripped from the building by strong winds. Authorities deny any quality issues.

A Chinese governor who was bribed with $100 million was sentenced to life in prison. But an expert says corruption isn’t the main reason behind his downfall.

In a phone recording, a Chinese surgeon made an incriminating confession about forced organ harvesting in China.

And more reactions from international society to the national security law in Hong Kong. The UK, Switzerland, and India consider different measures.

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