Chinatown Watch Party Supports Republican Mayoral Candidate to Echo Trump’s Reelection Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO⁠—In the heart of San Francisco where a majority vote Democrat, a group of people gathered in a small restaurant in Chinatown, to support a local Republican for mayor. They happily chatted away while watching President Trump make his speech in Florida.

They were there to support the president’s reelection campaign. At the same time, they were also there to support a Republican candidate for San Francisco mayor.

Over 80 people signed up for the watch party. With the majority being Chinese, they wanted to show that there are Asians in California supporting President Trump.

NTD Photo
People gathered in Chinatown to support the president’s reelection campaign and Ellen Lee Zhou for mayor, in San Francisco on June 18, 2019. (Ilene Eng/NTD)

The locals present said they agree with most of Trump’s policies and believe he is doing a good job.

“First, his morals uplift America’s morality. Second, he also increased morality in our military. Third, he puts America first,” said Ellen Lee Zhou, candidate for San Francisco mayor.

“We should be helping the people who are here first before helping out other countries and people who are not citizens over here,” said Tyrone Hong, a Bay Area resident. “We are already paying taxes over here, we should be helping out the veterans and people like that.”

They said they agree with the trade-off mentality Trump uses when running the country—reflecting his background in business.

“I give you something, so you need to give me something in return. It’s not like I just keep on giving and giving, or taking and taking. So a businessman who uses a business mindset to bring back America is correct,” said Zhou.

Paul Taylor, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the 2018 California primary elections, said freedom, honor, and honesty is what President Trump represents for his supporters.

“He cares about the people who work hard in this country, the patriots,” said Taylor. “He cares about the people who have traditional family values, like Ellen Zhou has all of that. She represents San Francisco like Donald Trump represents the United States.”

They were also showing support for Ellen Lee Zhou, a Republican candidate running for mayor, because she said she wants to resolve the problems in the city.

“She’s been in there and seen people. She understands that 7.5 million needles were given our last year to the drug addicts and stuff in San Francisco and the homeless,” Taylor said. “Her heart goes out to those people. We want to fix those people. We want to save their lives. We want to make them whole people again if we can.”

Taylor said Zhou is a selfless person without ambition for herself. Her supporters say her desire to do good for San Francisco is genuine, just like Trump’s goal to make America great again.