Couple Shocked by Surprise Baby After Woman Rushed to Hospital With Severe Stomach Pain

By Zachary Stieber

A Louisiana couple was stunned to have a new baby after the mother suffered severe stomach pain when they had dinner with friends.

Grace Mawn didn’t know she was pregnant when she went to the hospital but disagreed with her husband Bryson Mawn’s initial diagnosis.

“I was like okay, you probably have kidney stones you’re going to be fine,” Bryson Mawn told KSLA. “I knew when I felt something down there and it wasn’t a kidney stone,” his wife responded.

After they got to the hospital, they were informed of the shock pregnancy. Soon, they were holding a little baby girl.

Posted by Bryson Mawn on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

“I never felt her move during the pregnancy. I never had cravings, I never had morning sickness,” Grace Mawn said.

“Looking back now I did put on a little bit of weight, but it wasn’t noticeable weight, so I didn’t ever think about it. I had my normal cycle some months were a little lighter, but I just thought it was a pill that I was on so I never thought anything about it.”

Dr. Shabieh Manzar, who oversees the NICU at the Louisiana State University Shreveport-Health, said that the couple was lucky to be near a hospital.

“This is not the only case, we’ve seen it many times. Sometimes you ignore the symptoms sound and you think it’s because of something and it could happen, but the good part is good she was at the right place at the right time,” he told KSLA.

Posted by Grace Mawn on Thursday, April 4, 2019

On a GoFundMe fundraising page, Bryson Mawn said that the birth on March 26 drastically changed the lives of him and his wife, calling what happened “scary yet beautiful.”

“While waiting for hours in the ER we never would of believed what we were about to go through. After being assigned a room the doctor and nurse couldn’t figure out the reason for the pain. The doctor then requested for Grace to lay on her back for a ladies exam. The second she laid down her water broke,” he said.

“With utter confusion, I sat there trying to be the most supportive husband I could. Seconds later half a dozen doctors flooded into the room. It was go time and everyone but myself and Grace knew what to do. They moved us into an operating room so Micaela Grace Mawn could enter the world safety. As I sat there witnessing all of this, my 20-year-old self became confused, scared, and emotional. My little girl snuck her way into this world without either of us knowing at all!”

Mawn said that neither he nor his wife were prepared for a baby, not knowing the girl was coming.

“We never had the opportunity to discover my wife was pregnant, have a baby shower, have a gender reveal, or prepare to raise a child. When I stared at my little girl’s face this overpowering love, compassion, and shock went through every ounce of my being. As time moved on it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders,” he said.

Mawn is an Airman First Class in the U.S. Air Force while his wife works as a catering manager for Chick-fil-A.

“We didn’t have months to save up money and prepare for a baby so we both ask from the bottom of our hearts for some help. Any amount of money would be going to ensuring Micaela Grace Mawn is taken care of and given the necessities that a little girl deserves to grow up happy and healthy. God blessed us with Micaela and I know He will provide,” Mawn wrote.

“So if you feel in your heart the pull to contribute to helping us raise this miraculous baby girl please leave a gift below and your name so that we can tell Micaela about all the amazing people who showed up to help support and raise her in a moments notice. Grace and I thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generosity, prayers, and support. We couldn’t do this without you!”

The fundraiser has raised over $4,300 across 13 days.