Deep Dive (Sept. 6): Rep. McCaul: Taliban Holding Americans Hostage at Airport

Reports emerge of Americans being held in Afghanistan. Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says some Americans who have been trying to get out of Afghanistan are sitting in airplanes at an airport ready to leave. But the Taliban are not letting them take off. This comes as conflicting reports come out of Panjshir, the last holdout of Afghan resistance. The Taliban say they’ve taken control, but opposition says resistance continues. And as the two forces face off in the country, top general Mark Milley told Fox News he suspects that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will spark a civil war.

The Navy identified the five service members who went missing in a helicopter crash off the California coast last week. They’re now confirmed dead. It happened during a routine flight operation Tuesday. One crew member survived the crash and was rescued. The helicopter was based on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The Navy said the incident is under investigation.

Apple announced it’s delaying its new tool that focuses on fighting child exploitation amid privacy concerns over the new tool. Last month, the tech giant announced it had a new system that would check iOS devices and iClouds for photos and images that show child abuse. The tool would also include an opt-in feature that would give minors and parents warnings about sexually explicit attachments. Numerous child safety and security officials said they applauded the move, but said they could see potential privacy issues. Critics of the tool say they are happy Apple is pausing the tool for now, due to a lack of information about how it works.

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