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Episode 4: Denmark – Tranekær Castle

Cuisine Royale invites us to share the dining secrets of nobility. Count and Countess Ahlefeld-Laurvig live on the Danish island of Langeland in the oldest ‚dwelling’ o the kingdom: Tranekær Castle. It s June, and the couple have invited their closest friends and family to the castle to celebrate springtime. Not only the impressive banqueting halls and the individual guestrooms needs to prepared by the Countess herself but the 4 course menu plays a central role. Chef Christian Pichardt is in charge of the culinary delights with highlights like local lobster, grilled Turbot and deer fillets in a cherry wine reduction. In the build up the dinner the Count and Countess go about their activities on the grand estate – riding and hunting.

About Cuisine Royale: A culinary lifestyle show with a royal difference. In stately homes and royal palaces we will learn about the fine tradition and glamour of the most distinguished kitchens and dining tables around the world, from Southern Europe to Scandinavia and all the way to India.

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