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Durham’s Second Filing Exposes Lack of IG Cooperation, Growing Rift | Truth Over News

Late last week, special counsel John Durham filed new court documents confirming our previous reporting that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz concealed crucial information from Durham in connection with two separate investigations: the ongoing prosecution of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and the criminal leak investigation of former FBI general counsel James Baker.

The filing also highlights the growing rift between the two men.

The new filing focuses on two cell phones that had been used by Baker when he was with the FBI. Durham’s previous filing had stated that Horowitz concealed the existence of the two phones. Horowitz now claims that he may have mentioned the existence of one of the phones four years ago. While Durham disputes this claim, the new filing is most noteworthy for all of Durham’s previous claims that Horowitz does not dispute.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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