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Facts Matter (Dec. 14): CDC Data Shows 79% of Omicron Patients Were “Fully Vaccinated,” 32% Had Booster

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis recently introduced a new plan that will allow him to take the illegal immigrants that have been brought to Florida and relocate them to Washington, D.C., Delaware—which is President Joe Biden’s home state—as well as Martha’s Vineyard—where Barrack Obama owns a large mansion.

Meanwhile, in California, when local police officers went to a middle school in order to investigate a shooting threat, the school’s director told these police officers that they had to leave because they weren’t vaccinated.

Lastly, according to the CDC, 80 percent of the Omicron variant cases here in America were found among fully vaccinated individuals. This ties into a very interesting new study, which found that a lower level of antibodies against the Omicron variant is triggered by the COVID-19 vaccines.


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