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Facts Matter (March 11): The Pfizer Documents: 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case reports, 1.2K Fatalities in First 3 Months

Just a few days ago, the FDA finally released its first batch of 10,000 documents related to its authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. And within these documents, there is a breakdown of not only the number of fatalities but also the number of adverse reactions that people experience during the first three months of the vaccine rollout. However, due to certain redactions within these documents, it’s unclear what percentage of the overall vaccination rate that represents. However, we were able to find a proxy and calculate it for ourselves.

Meanwhile, while I was in Florida about a week ago, I took the unique opportunity to sit down with Congressman Greg Steube and we discussed how, moving forward, America can deal with the many threats that we face both externally as well as domestically.



Adverse Event Documents:

All Documents:


Full Interview:

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