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Facts Matter (Sept. 20): Why the FDA Panel Voted Against Recommending Pfizer Booster Shots to General Public

On Friday, the FDA’s vaccine advisory panel met, debated, and ultimately voted against approving vaccine booster shots for the general public.

However, according to statements from the White House, as well as other government officials, it sounds like they might not listen to this advisory panel, and roll out booster shots anyway.

Meanwhile, Pfizer announced that they will release the clinic data that they have been collecting on children between the ages of 6 months and 11 years old. This will be done in order to allow the FDA to look at the data and potentially approve the vaccine for children.

Lastly, in North Carolina, two judges, both of whom are Democrats, have just struck down a state law requiring voters to show photo ID—because they claim that this requirement is racist.


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