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Facts Matter (Sept. 28): 72,000 Medical Workers to be Fired in NY Over Mandate; Gov Will Deploy National Guard

According to a report released Monday on the FBI’s website, the number of murders in the year 2020 was up almost 30 percent from the previous year—one of the largest spikes in recorded history.

And this problem might actually become worse this year, as droves of police officers are resigning across the country.

For instance, in Massachusetts, several dozen state troopers submitted their letters of resignation because they are not willing to comply with the vaccine mandates.

However, this problem is not confined to the police, as vaccine mandates are also affecting hospitals.

In New York, for example, a vaccine mandate just went into effect Monday. This means that over 70,000 hospital employees are now set to be fired later this week.

And as a response to this, Governor Kathy Hochul has a unique solution.

She signed an executive order that will, among other things, have the National Guard come in and replace hospital workers who have been terminated.


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