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North Korea Patrol Boat Fired At Chinese Fishing Boats; Richest Woman in China bought $2.5M Passport

Chinese authorities announced plans to remake Mao Zedong’s Rectification Campaign, which was the Party’s bloodiest internal purge. Chen Yixin, Secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, who also directs the National Political and Legal Affairs Team Education and Rectification Pilot Office announced that the first stage of the campaign has already been completed.

The official announcement cites Mao, and states the Chinese government has again started a campaign to purge “corrupt elements” in order to create an “ironclad army” of law enforcement agencies. Mao’s Yan’an Rectification Campaign, which lasted from 1942 to 1945, focused on internal indoctrination in the party to “unify their thinking” and killed an estimated 10,000 in purges mainly focused on party members.

The new campaign will look to ensure that police, judges, and state security agents stay unconditionally loyal and in line with party policy, and to Xi Jinping. And while it will function as a party purge, it will also

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