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Reconditioning | School’s Out

This is a show about education: what you don’t know, what you should know, and what to do about it. If you feel like educating your own children is too hard for you, it’s because you are conditioned to think that way. This show is for you! In this video series, we will explore homeschooling—the taboos, the trials, the triumphs. You’ve been lied to, and I’m going to show you, you are more capable than you think. Because now, finally, and especially since COVID-19, School’s Out.

“Life… isn’t what you think. What you think is your life.”
~ Sam Sorbo

About the Show:

School’s Out with Sam Sorbo deals with the uncertainties we all have about the education bureaucracy. Host Sam Sorbo, a veteran homeschool advocate and dedicated education influencer, delves into the struggles so many parents experience trying to secure their children’s proper education with all the school turmoil and their poor academic results. This show helps viewers sort through the messaging and get to the heart: what is education, why are our schools failing, and what can concerned parents do?  For answers, join our host on a journey of discovery and revelation, and feel empowered to set your children free from the institution, because school’s out, and Sam is rebranding homeschool. She calls it “Self Teaching.”

About Sam Sorbo:

Sam Sorbo is a Hollywood actress, an international fashion model, a nationally syndicated radio show host, a film producer, and an author. After studying biomedical engineering at Duke University, Sam pursued a career as an international fashion model, which afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively and learn foreign languages. Fluent in Swedish, French, Italian, and German, she embarked on her successful acting career. On “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” she met Kevin, who swept her off her feet. They married in 1998 and have three teenagers they home school. Sam is a passionate advocate for parental autonomy and home education. Together, the Sorbos produced the highly successful, much acclaimed “Let There Be Light” in 2017. Their comedy, “Miracle in East Texas,” is due out in 2021. An avid home education advocate, the Sorbos home educate their three children.

Sam understands the cultural shift taking place in our country. She is an energetic activist for the family, the primary target for those who disdain America and the freedom this nation represents. She speaks across the country on education, culture, politics, and religion. She has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and One America News, and writes for news outlets like The Epoch Times, National Review, Breitbart, and Fox News, pushing back against the tainted culture promoted in our public schools, movies, music, and video games. She uses her radio show, films, and books to highlight issues and then empower others to fully engage with and amend the world around them.

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