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Scientists Promoted Natural Origins Theory While Privately Acknowledging Possibility of Lab Leak | Truth Over News

A 2015 paper indirectly linked in an article published on Jan. 31, 2020, held proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s organization had funded gain-of-function research in China during a mandated moratorium.

This revelation sparked a series of events as Fauci-led scientists sought to promote the theory of natural origin as a means to hide their complicity in gain-of-function experiments that had been done at the Wuhan lab.

Despite later claims from teleconference members that they had simply changed their minds, evidence shows that a draft promoting natural origins was completed on the same day that the authors were telling Fauci that they were “80 percent sure the virus came out of a lab.”

Fauci’s lies would continue throughout the year and beyond.

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